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Frequently Asked Questions


Program Questions

Is this program SACSCOC accredited?
Yes. Check our accreditation page for more information.
Is there an on-campus requirement for this program?
Can students take a leave of absence from the program/sit out for a semester?
Yes, students may sit out for a semester.
What is the maximum time allowed to complete the certificate?
You are allowed two years to complete your certificate.
What is the minimum and maximum number of classes that a student can take in each term?
The minimum number of classes a student can take is zero. The maximum is three.
What is the minimum GPA required to graduate?
Overall, a student will need a 3.0 GPA to graduate with the certificate.
Will I have access to UF faculty? Will they be willing to write letters of recommendation for graduates of this program who seek admission to medical/professional school or PhD programs?
Our faculty are often willing to write letters of recommendation for students who have performed well in their courses and show potential to increase their academic and research efforts within a subsequent degree program.

Admissions Questions

Is the GRE required? Or any other standardized test score?
The GRE is not required. Language proficiency test scores are required for some international students. See below.
If your native language is not English, or if you graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a non-English-speaking country, you will need to take and submit your TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or other Graduate Council-approved English language skills test scores.
Non-English-speaking countries are those which are not included in the Graduate School’s list of English speaking countries.
Are letters of recommendation required for admission?
If you’re applying for the graduate certificate, two letters of recommendation are required.
How long does the review process typically take once my application has been submitted (including any required materials/documentation)?
The review process usually takes about two weeks.
If I apply for a given semester but then determine that I am unable to start classes due to work/personal complications, can I defer to the next semester?
Will the program admit and enroll students and/or offer courses year-round?
We admit students during the spring and fall semesters.
Is transfer credit accepted from outside institutions? If so, when is that evaluation for credit conducted?
Transfer credits are not accepted.
Do you accept international students?
Yes! International students that meet our international eligibility requirements are welcome to join our program.
Will I be assigned an academic advisor once I start classes?
You will work with the program’s academic specialist.

Tuition and Scholarship Questions

What is the total cost for certificate?
Tuition is $850 per credit hour, for a total of $9,350 plus fees.
Are there any scholarships available for this program?
There are no scholarships available for this program at this time.

Course Questions

What are the computer requirements (hardware and software) needed to support the online classroom?
You’ll need a computer, internet access and a web browser.
Are the courses all fully asynchronous?
By Fall 2024, all four courses will be completely asynchronous.
Will I receive physical textbooks or eBooks?
There are no physical textbooks required.
How are assignments structured? For example, are students able to complete assignments early or are assignments managed on a weekly basis?
Assignments are completed every week and generally shouldn’t be completed in advance.
Are the lectures all recorded? How long are the lectures on average?
Recorded lectures are usually 10 to 20 minutes long. Some topic-specific webinars run 20 to 30 minutes long.
Do the online classes have any group projects that allow for interaction with classmates? Are there opportunities to network with other students in the program?
Some classes afford opportunities to network with other students in the program.
How will exams be administered?
There are no exams in this program.
How many hours per week should students expect to spend on homework?
Students are expected to spend three hours per week per credit hour. So, if a student was taking a 3-credit course, they would spend approximately 9 hours per week.

Career Questions

Will this program assist graduates with job placement after graduation?
This program doesn’t assist in job placement.
What kind of career/educational opportunities will this graduate certificate program afford?
The graduate certificate could be a first step to pursuing a post-graduate degree program. It can also enhance the skills of current practitioners working in health systems, healthcare delivery and quality improvement.